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* Photophysics and photochemistry of thymine deoxy-dinucleotide in water: A PCM/TD-DFT quantum mechanical study (56 views)
Improta R
J Phys Chem B (ISSN: 1520-6106, 1520-5207, 1520-5207electronic), 2012 Dec 13; 116(49): 14261-14274.

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* Cation effect on the electronic excited states of guanine nanostructures studied by time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy (53 views)
Hua Y, Changenet-Barret P, Improta R, Vaya I, Gustavsson T, Kotlyar AB, Zikich D, Sket P, Plavec J, Markovitsi D
J Phys Chem C (ISSN: 1932-7447), 2012 Jul 12; 116(27): 14682-14689.

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* The effect of methylation on the excited state dynamics of aminouracils (42 views)
Gustavsson T, Improta R, Banyasz A, Vaya I, Markovitsi D
J Photochem Photobiol A Chem (ISSN: 1010-6030), 2012 Apr 15; 234: 37-43.

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* Solvent effects on electron-driven proton-transfer processes: Adenine-thymine base pairs (45 views)
Dargiewicz M, Biczysko M, Improta R, Barone V
Phys Chem Chem Phys (ISSN: 1463-9076, 1463-3907, 1463-9084electronic), 2012; 14(25): 8981-8989.

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Total 5-year impact factor: 15.521 (15.521 excluding Abstracts and Conferences).

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