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The double faced role of copper in Ab homeostasis: A survey on the interrelationship between metal dyshomeostasis, UPS functioning and autophagy in neurodegeneration (89 visite)

Grasso G, Santoro AM, Lanza V, Sbardella D, Tundo GR, Ciaccio C, Marini S, Coletta M, Milardi D

Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2017 Jun; N/D: 1-22.

Tipo di articolo: Journal Article, , Impact factor: 13.324, Impact factor a 5 anni: 12.743, Url: Non disponibile.

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Affiliazioni: *** IBB - CNR ***

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Substantial evidence has accumulated over the last decade indicating that diverse age-related neurodegenerative
disorders share a common pathogenic mechanism: the misfolding, aggregation and accumulation
of proteins (termed ‘‘amyloid”) in neuronal tissues. The latest studies suggest that, in principle, any
deficiency in protein homeostasis (proteostasis) may lead to cell dysfunction thus underscoring the protective
key role played by systems regulating the clearance of misfolded or defective proteins in the cell.
On the other hand, an altered metal homeostasis (metallostasis) is thought to be tightly linked to the malfunction
of the ‘‘quality control” machinery of the cell. Metal ions have long been thought to catalyze
amyloid aggregation by initiating protein misfolding. More specifically, redox active metal ions such as
copper have been demonstrated to be majorly involved in a cascade of events resulting in oxidative damage
and neurodegeneration. However, drugs aimed at merely removing excess of such metal ions from
the cell have proven to be unsuccessful thus forcing scientists to amend these traditional views. In particular,
a comprehensive vision of the interplay between metal dyshomeostasis and systems engaged in
proteome maintenance, e.g. proteases, ubiquitin proteasome system (UPS) and autophagy, emerges as a
critical requirement to single out the many culprits of cell dysfunction occurring in aging and in neurodegenerative
pathologies such as Alzheimer’s disease. Here, we will first provide a chemical perspective of
the role of copper in Ab homeostasis, thus giving the necessary outline to the problem of age-related protein
misfolding and altered metallostasis which lead to accumulation processes and consequent decline
of neuron functions. Secondly, we will focus on the proteome maintenance system (UPS and autophagy)
and to the issues related to copper-mediated disturbances of the latter in AD. Finally, we will discuss the
therapeutic potential of copper chelating agents in the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders
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Longo DL, Cutrin JC, Michelotti F, Irrera P, Aime S
* Noninvasive evaluation of renal pH homeostasis after ischemia reperfusion injury by CEST-MRI (56 visite)
Nmr Biomed, 2017; N/D: N/D-N/D.
Impact Factor: 3.031
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Pirone L, Smaldone G, Esposito C, Balasco N, Petoukhov MV, Spilotros A, Svergun DI, Di Gaetano S, Vitagliano L, Pedone E
* Proteins involved in sleep homeostasis: Biophysical characterization of INC and its partners (98 visite) (PDF 95 visite)
Biochimie (ISSN: 1638-6183electronic, 0300-9084linking), 2016 Sep 24; N/D: N/D-N/D.
Impact Factor: 3.112
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Ciccarelli M, Sorriento D, Franco A, Fusco A, Del Giudice C, Annunziata R, Cipolletta E, Monti MG, Dorn GW, Trimarco B, Iaccarino G
* Endothelial G protein-coupled receptor kinase 2 regulates vascular homeostasis through the control of free radical oxygen species (108 visite)
Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol Arteriosclerosis Thrombosis And Vascular Biology (ISSN: 1079-5642, 1049-8834), 2013; 33(10): 2415-2424.
Impact Factor: 5.533
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Cirillo G, Colangelo AM, Bianco MR, Cavaliere C, Zaccaro L, Sarmientos P, Alberghina L, Papa M
* BB14, a Nerve Growth Factor (NGF)-like peptide shown to be effective in reducing reactive astrogliosis and restoring synaptic homeostasis in a rat model of peripheral nerve injury (105 visite)
Biotechnology Advances (ISSN: 0734-9750), 2012 Jan; 30(1): 223-232.
Impact Factor: 9.599
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Maurea S, Corvino A, Imbriaco M, Avitabile G, Mainenti P, Camera L, Galizia G, Salvatore M
* Simultaneous non-functioning neuroendocrine carcinoma of the pancreas and extra-hepatic cholangiocarcinoma. A case of early diagnosis and favorable post-surgical outcome (79 visite)
Jop (ISSN: 1590-8577, 1590-0857), 2011 May 6; 12(3): 255-258.
Impact Factor: 0
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Cirillo G, Bianco MR, Colangelo AM, Cavaliere C, Daniele DL, Zaccaro L, Alberghina L, Papa M
* Reactive astrocytosis-induced perturbation of synaptic homeostasis is restored by nerve growth factor (119 visite)
Neurobiology Of Disease (ISSN: 0969-9961), 2011 Mar; 41(3): 630-639.
Impact Factor: 5.403
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Maurea S, Lastoria S, Cuocolo A, Celentano L, Salvatore M
The diagnosis of nonfunctioning pheochromocytoma the role of I-123 MIBG imaging (72 visite)
Clin Nucl Med (ISSN: 0363-9762, 1536-0229, 1536-0229electronic), 1995 Jan; 20(1): 22-24.
Impact Factor: 0.34
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7 Records (7 escludendo Abstract e Conferenze).
Impact factor totale: 27.018 (27.018 escludendo Abstract e Conferenze).
Impact factor a 5 anni totale: 28.864 (28.864 escludendo Abstract e Conferenze).

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