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Chemical Modification for Proteolytic Stabilization of the Selective alphavbeta3 Integrin RGDechi Peptide: in Vitro and in Vivo Activities on Malignant Melanoma Cells (174 visite) (PDF privato 54 visite)

Comegna D, Zannetti A, Del Gatto A, De Paola I, Russo L, Di Gaetano S, Liguoro A, Capasso D, Saviano M, Zaccaro L

J Med Chem (ISSN: 1520-4804electronic, 0022-2623linking), 2017 Dec 14; 60(23): 9874-9884.

Tipo di articolo: Journal Article

Impact factor: 5.207

Impact factor a 5 anni: 5.18

Parole chiave: Animals, Antineoplastic Agents, Chemistry, Pharmacology, Cell Adhesion, Drug Effects, Cell Line, Tumor, Humans, Integrin Alphavbeta3, Metabolism, Melanoma, Diagnostic Imaging, Drug Therapy, Nude, Molecular Docking Simulation, Optical Imaging, Methods, Peptides, Wound Healing

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Herein, we report the synthesis and biological characterization of the new peptide psiRGDechi as the first step toward novel-targeted theranostics in melanoma. This pseudopeptide is designed from our previously reported RGDechi peptide, known to bind selectively alphavbeta3 integrin, and differs for a modified amide bond at the main protease cleavage site. This chemical modification drastically reduces the enzymatic degradation in serum, compared to its parental peptide, resulting in an overall magnification of the biological activity on a highly expressing alphavbeta3 human metastatic melanoma cell line. Selective inhibition of cell adhesion, wound healing, and invasion are demonstrated; near-infrared fluorescent psiRGDechi derivative is able to detect alphavbeta3 integrin in human melanoma xenografts in a selective fashion. More, molecular docking studies confirm that psiRGDechi recognizes the receptor similarly to RGDechi. All these findings pave the way for the future employment of this novel peptide as promising targeting probe and therapeutic agent in melanoma disease.
*** IBB - CNR ***

Institute of Biostructures and Bioimaging-CNR , Via Mezzocannone 16, 80134 Naples, Italy., Institute of Biostructures and Bioimaging-CNR , Via De Amicis 95, 80145 Naples, Italy., Interdepartmental Center of Bioactive Peptide, University of Naples Federico II , Via Mezzocannone 16, 80134 Naples, Italy., Department of Environmental, Biological and Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli , via Vivaldi 43, 81100 Caserta, Italy., Department of Pharmacy, University of Naples Federico II , Via Mezzocannone 16, 80134 Naples, Italy., Institute of Crystallography-CNR , Via Amendola 122/O, 70126 Bari, Italy.,
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* Chemistry of Peptidoglycan in Mycobacterium tuberculosis life style: an off-the-wall balance of synthesis and degradation (132 visite) (PDF 95 visite)
Squeglia F, Ruggiero A, Berisio R
Chemistry (ISSN: 1521-3765electronic, 0947-6539linking), 2018; 24: 2533-2546.
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* Inhibition of Abeta Amyloid Growth and Toxicity by Silybins: The Crucial Role of Stereochemistry (72 visite) (PDF 76 visite)
Sciacca MFM, Romanucci V, Zarrelli A, Monaco I, Lolicato F, Spinella N, Galati C, Grasso G, D'Urso L, Romeo M, Diomede L, Salmona M, Bongiorno C, Di Fabio G, La Rosa C, Milardi D
Acs Chem Neurosci (ISSN: 1948-7193electronic, 1948-7193linking), 2017 Jun 09; N/D: N/D-N/D.
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* Integrin-dependent cell adhesion to neutrophil extracellular traps through engagement of fibronectin in neutrophil-like cells (74 visite)
Monti M, Iommelli F, De Rosa V, Carriero MV, Miceli R, Camerlingo R, Di Minno G, Del Vecchio S
Plosone, 2017 Feb; N/D: 1-15.
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* Quantum Mechanical Studies on the Photophysics and the Photochemistry of Nucleic Acids and Nucleobases (116 visite)
Improta R, Santoro F, Blancafort L
Chemical Reviews (ISSN: 0009-2665), 2016; 116(6): 3540-3593.
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* Chemistry of lipid a: At the heart of innate immunity (166 visite) (PDF 170 visite)
Molinaro A, Holst O, Lorenzo FD, Callaghan M, Nurisso A, D'Errico G, Zamyatina A, Peri F, Berisio R, Jerala R, Jiménez-Barbero J, Silipo A, Martín-Santamarí S
Chemistry (ISSN: 0947-6539, 1521-3765, 1521-3765electronic), 2015 Jan 7; 21(2): 500-519.
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* The chemistry of carnosine derivatives (64 visite)
Bellia F, Rizzarelli E, Vecchio G
Food And Nutritional Components In Focus (ISSN: 2045-1695), 2015; 2015-January(8): 61-83.
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* Liposomes derivatized with tetrabranched neurotensin peptides via click chemistry reactions (102 visite)
Accardo A, Ringhieri P, Tesauro D, Morelli G
New Journal Of Chemistry (ISSN: 1144-0546), 2013; 37(11): 3528-3534.
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* Photophysics and photochemistry of thymine deoxy-dinucleotide in water: A PCM/TD-DFT quantum mechanical study (98 visite)
Improta R
J Phys Chem B (ISSN: 1520-6106, 1520-5207, 1520-5207electronic), 2012 Dec 13; 116(49): 14261-14274.
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* Development of an efficient and low-cost protocol for the manual PNA synthesis by Fmoc chemistry (112 visite)
Avitabile C, Moggio L, D'Andrea LD, Pedone C, Romanelli A
Tetrahedron Letters (ISSN: 0040-4039), 2010 Jul 21; 51(29): 3716-3718.
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* Nobel prize in chemistry 2009: When biology turns into chemistry (66 visite)
Berisio R, Baram D, Keinan E
Isr J Chem (ISSN: 0021-2148), 2010 Jun; 50(1): 24-26.
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* Sterochemistry And Thermodynamics Of The Inclusion Of Aliphatic And Aromatic Anionic Guests In A Tetracationic Calix [4] Arene In Acidic And Neutral Aqueous Solutions (65 visite)
Sgarlata C, Bonaccorso C, Gulino FG, Zito V, Arena G, Sciotto D
New Journal Of Chemistry, 2009; 33: 991-991.
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* Differences In The Central Nervous System Distribution And Pharmacology Of The Mouse 5-Hydroxytryptamine-6 Receptor Compared With Rat And Human Receptors Investigated By Radioligand Binding, Site-Directed Mutagenesis, And Molecular Modeling (85 visite)
Hirst WD, Abrahamsen B, Blaney FE, Calver AR, Aloj L, Price GW, Medhurst AD
Molecular Pharmacology, 2003; 64: 1295-1308.
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* Comparison of control of Listeria by nitric oxide redox chemistry from murine macrophages and no donors: Insights into listeriocidal activity of oxidative and nitrosative stress (97 visite)
Ogawa R, Pacelli R, Espey MG, Miranda KM, Friedman N, Kim SM, Cox G, Mitchell JB, Wink DA, Russo A
Free Radic Biol Med Free Radical Biology And Medicine (ISSN: 0891-5849, 0891-5849linking), 2001 Feb 1; 30(3): 268-276.
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Erratum: Solid state and solution conformation of 6-{4-[N-tert- butoxycarbonyl-N-(N'-ethyl)propanamide]imidazolyl}-6- deoxycyclomaltoheptaose: Evidence of self-inclusion of the boc group within the β-cyclodextrin cavity (European Journal of Organic Chemistry (2000) (1065-1076)) (102 visite)
Impellizzeri G, Pappalardo G, D'Alessandro F, Rizzarelli E, Saviano M, Iacovino R, Benedetti E, Pedone C
Eur J Org Chem (ISSN: 1434-193x), 2000; (12): 2345-2345.
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