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Optimization Strategies for Responsivity Control of Microgel Assisted Lab-On-Fiber Optrodes (77 visite) (PDF pubblico 93 visite)

Giaquinto M, Micco A, Aliberti A, Bobeico E, La Ferrara V, Ruvo M, Ricciardi A, Cusano A

Sensors, 2018 Apr; N/D: N/D-N/D.

Tipo di articolo: Journal Article,

Impact factor: 2.677

Impact factor a 5 anni: 2.964

Parole chiave: Biochemical Sensing; Lab-On-Fiber; Microgels; Smart Polymers,

Url: Non disponibile.

Integrating multi-responsive polymers such as microgels onto optical
fiber tips, in a controlled fashion, enables unprecedented
functionalities to Lab-on-fiber optrodes. The creation of a uniform
microgel monolayer with a specific coverage factor is crucial for
enhancing the probes responsivity to a pre-defined target parameter.
Here we report a reliable fabrication strategy, based on the dip coating
technique, for the controlled realization of microgel monolayer onto
unconventional substrates, such as the optical fiber tip. The latter was
previously covered by a plasmonic nanostructure to make it sensitive to
superficial environment changes. Microgels have been prepared using
specific Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-based monomers that enable
bulky size changes in response to both temperature and pH variations.
The formation of the microgel monolayer is efficiently controlled
through the selection of suitable operating pH, temperature and
concentration of particle dispersions used during the dipping procedure.
The effect of each parameter has been evaluated, and the validity of
our procedure is confirmed by means of both morphological and optical
characterizations. We demonstrate that when the coverage factor exceeds
90%, the probe responsivity to microgels swelling/collapsing is
significantly improved. Our study opens new paradigms for the
development of engineered microgels assisted Lab-on-Fiber probes for
biochemical applications.
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Greco A, Zannetti A, Pappata S, Albanese S, Coda AR, Ragucci M, Nardelli A, Brunetti A, Cuocolo A, Salvatore M
* Measurement of [123I]FP-CIT binding to the dopamine transporter (DAT) in healthy mouse striatum using dedicated small animal SPECT imaging: feasibility, optimization and validation (128 visite)
Q J Nucl Med Mol Imaging (ISSN: 1824-4785linking, 1824-4785print, 1827-1936electronic), 2018 Mar; 62(1): 112-117.
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Aliberti A, Ricciardi A, Giaquinto M, Micco A, Bobeico E, La Ferrara V, Ruvo M, Cutolo A, Cusano A
* Microgel assisted Lab-on-Fiber Optrode (289 visite) (PDF 93 visite)
Sci Rep (ISSN: 2045-2322electronic, 2045-2322linking), 2017 Oct 31; 7(1): 14459-14459.
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Monti S, Palma G, Ragucci M, Mannelli L, Mancini M, Prinster A
* Optimization of tagged MRI for quantification of liver stiffness using computer simulated data (105 visite) (PDF 97 visite)
Plos One (ISSN: 1932-6203electronic, 1932-6203linking), 2014 Oct 31; 9(10): e111852-e111852.
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Carotenuto A, Auriemma L, Merlino F, Yousif AM, Marasco D, Limatola A, Campiglia P, Gomez-Monterrey I, Santicioli P, Meini S, Maggi CA, Novellino E, Grieco P
* Lead Optimization of P5U and Urantide: Discovery of Novel Potent Ligands at the Urotensin-II Receptor (145 visite)
J Med Chem (ISSN: 0022-2623, 1520-4804, 0022-2623print), 2014 Jul 24; 57(14): 5965-5974.
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Monti S, Palma G, Ragucci M, Salomone Megna A, Ascione A, Mancini M, Prinster A
* Optimization Of Tagged Mri For The Assessment Of Liver Fibrosis (83 visite) (PDF 160 visite)
Gnb 2014, 2014 Jun 24; N/D: N/D-N/D.
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Cella L, Liuzzi R, Magliulo M, Conson M, Camera L, Salvatore M, Pacelli R
* Optimization of dose distribution with multi-leaf collimator using field-in-field technique for radiotherapy of Hodgkin's lymphoma (144 visite)
World Congress On Medical Physics And Biomedical Engineering (ISSN: 1680-0737, 1680-07379783642034725), 2009; 25(1): 82-84.
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6 Records (4 escludendo Abstract e Conferenze).
Impact factor totale: 15.353 (15.353 escludendo Abstract e Conferenze).
Impact factor a 5 anni totale: 15.838 (15.838 escludendo Abstract e Conferenze).

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