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Brain segmentation for radiation oncology application
Contact person: Marco Comerci, marco.comerciibb.cnr.it

Description ▼
This activity is focused on developing a software procedure for automated segmentation of brain structures starting from brain CTs and/or MRs.
The software must support the manual 3D drawing or importing of a lesion ROI, excluded during segmentation.
The software applies also an atlas on the segmentation, both on the Gray Matter and the White Matter and produces an RTP structure file, with contours for each slice and for each ROI.
Optionally the software can import an RT dose DICOM file with which it calculates dose-volume histograms.
The activity is aimed to develop, test, validate and improve the software and use it on the field for research purposes.

Actors ▼
Mario Quarantelli, quaranteunina.it
Marco Comerci, marco.comerciibb.cnr.it
Roberto Pacelli, marco.comerciibb.cnr.it
Manuel Conson, marco.comerciibb.cnr.it
Raffaele Liuzzi, raffaele.liuzzicnr.it
Laura Cella, laura.cellacnr.it

Keywords ▼
Brain tumor, Radiotherapy, MRI, DVH, dose, dose volume histogram, Atlas, Atlas based segmentation,

Research Areas ▼
Cancer DiseasesQuantitative Imaging

Figures ▼

Selected Papers ▼
Automated delineation of brain structures in patients undergoing radiotherapy for primary brain tumors: From atlas to dose-volume histograms (PDF restricted)
Authors: Conson MCella LPacelli RComerci MLiuzzi RSalvatore MQuarantelli M
Affiliations : *** IBB - CNR Affiliation. Department of Advanced... (more)
Journal: Radiother Oncol Elsevier Ireland Ltd (ISSN: 0167-8140... (more)
Impact factor: 4.857, 5-year impact factor: 4.67
Date: 2014 Sep, Volume: 112(3), Pages: 326-331
Paper type: Journal Article, 
Keywords: Atlas-Based Segmentation, Brain Tumors, Radiotherapy... (more)
Abstract: Purpose To implement and evaluate a magnetic res... (more)
References: Lawrence, Y.R., Li, X.A., El Naqa, I., Radiation dose... (more)
Url: http://www.scopus.com/inward/r ... 740fbb25f59382481322dffa8

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Related Papers ▼
Automated delineation of brain structures in patients undergoing radiotherapy for primary brain tumors: From atlas to dose-volume histograms (restricted access) (197 views)

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