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Anatomical modeling and 3D printers
Contact person: Costantino Campisi, costantino.campisicnr.it

Description ▼
The activity is dedicated to realization of objects able to simulate the therapeutic behavior as well as the realization of prosthetic models and health facilities.

External Actor: Huong Elena Tran, tran.elena90@gmail.com

Huong Elena Tran. Elaboration of biomedical images for 3D printing: a tool for surgical planning. Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering , Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering . La Sapienza University , Rome.

Actors ▼
Costantino Campisi, costantino.campisicnr.it

Keywords ▼
3D printing and modeling, 3D modeling, 3D printing in medicine and surgery,

Research Areas ▼
Technologies and techniques in medicine

Figures ▼

A clinical case of a patient with a kidney tumor infiltrating the v. cava. 3D anatomical images and sample print, viewed by rear, are taken out from standard CT.

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Total impact factor: 31.235 (31.235 excluding Abstracts and Conferences).
Total 5-year impact factor: 34.821 (34.821 excluding Abstracts and Conferences).

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