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Integration of the SPECT modules to innovative Quad-modality Molecular Imaging System for Small Animal (PET / SPECT / CT/ Fluorescence device)
Contact person: Alessandro Soluri, alessandro.soluriibb.cnr.it

Description ▼
During the recent years, the use of small animal models in in-vivo biomedical research has been growing. This has resulted in an emerging need for dedicated small animal imaging systems that provide better spatial resolution and sensitivity. Most small animal SPECT systems have been developed based on pinhole or multi-pinhole collimation technique as reported in the literature. Few dedicated small animal systems have been designed and developed based on parallel-hole collimation system.
The IBB-CNR of Rome, in collaboration of Peking University, College of Engineering trough the Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME), develop an innovative SPECT devices which will be within of Quad-modality Molecular Imaging System for small Animal. The technology, based on advanced method, it will serve to improve the performance of the instrumentation. The devices will soon be available for preliminary testing in the laboratory and will be tested for industrial applications in Chinese market.
The contract includes a research collaboration with CNR-IBB, through the development and delivery of 10 detectors for SPECT applications, to be applied in some industrial prototypes (for their use in molecular imaging research). This agreement opens the way for greater collaboration between the CNR-IBB and the University of Peking, to develop, jointly, diagnostic equipment for clinical use and radio-guided surgery.

SSR (Super Spatial Resolution) proposed method could be applied to improve the effective spatial resolution achievable. The our results confirm that it is possible to achieve optimal spatial resolution values at different depths, useful in small object and small animal imaging.
In this analysis, we will show ours preliminary opinions and design concepts for high spatial resolution SSR-SPECT for small animal imaging. The system was extensively evaluated utilizing GATE/GEANT4 Monte Carlo simulations. This detector will perform high photon sensitivity through:

1. A new collimator-scintillation structure optimized for discrete gamma cameras;

2. An innovative resolution method (3D-SSR) that allows increasing the spatial resolution without penalize the detection sensitivity.

The objectives/outcomes for this project are the following:

1. Designing and testing of several collimator-scintillation structure in order to evaluate imaging performance with Monte Carlo simulations;

2. Implementation of an advanced 3D image reconstruction software;

3. The building of a proof-of-concept prototype of the optimized camera to evaluate the performance;

4. Designing the final detector.

Actors ▼
Alessandro Soluri, alessandro.soluriibb.cnr.it
Roberto Massari, roberto.massariibb.cnr.it

Keywords ▼
High Spatial Resolution, Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Super Spatial Resolution method, PSPMT, SiPM, Gamma Camera, PET, SPECT, Molecular Imaging,

Research Areas ▼
Technologies and techniques in medicine

Figures ▼

Fig. 1: High Resolution Assembling

Fig. 2: PSPMTs resistive chain readouts

Fig. 3: The 3D SSR method

Selected Papers ▼


[1] “Super Spatial Resolution (SSR) method for scintigraphic imaging”

G. Trinci, R. Massari, M. Scandellari , F. Scopinaro, A. Soluri - Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 626–627 (2011) 120–127


[2] “An Integrated Quad-Modality Molecular Imaging System for Small Animals”

Yanye Lu, Kun Yang, Kedi Zhou, Bo Pang, GuoheWang, Yichen Ding, Qiushi Zhang, Hongbin Han, Jiahe Tian, Changhui Li, and Qiushi Ren- Journal of Nuclear Medicine, published on June 19, 2014 as doi:10.2967/jnumed.113.134890


[3] “High-Resolution Imaging System (HiRIS) based on H9500 PSPMT”

C. Trotta, R. Massari, G. Trinci, N. Palermo, S. Boccalini, F. Scopinaro, A. Soluri- Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 593 (2008) 454– 458


[4] “GATEsimulationofaLYSO-basedSPECTimager:Validation and detectoroptimization”

Suying Li, QiushiZhang , ZhaohengXie, QiLiu, BaixuanXu, KunYang, Changhui Li, QiushiRen- NuclearInstrumentsandMethodsinPhysicsResearchA773(2015)21–26


[5] “New device based on the super spatial resolution(SSR) method”

A. Soluri, G. Atzeni , A. Ucci, T. Bellone,  F. Cusanno, G. Rodilossi, R.Massari- Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 728(2013)150–156

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* Super Spatial Resolution (SSR) method for scintigraphic imaging (138 views)
Trinci G, Massari R, Scandellari M, Scopinaro F, Soluri A
Nuclear Instruments And Methods In Physics Research Section A, 2011; 626-627(1): 120-127.

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