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Hand MRI Coregistration and segmentation
Contact person: Marco Comerci, marco.comerciibb.cnr.it

Description ▼
Aim of this activity is to develop a software tool to measure skin sliding over the bones in human hand, to take this phenomenon into account in virtual reality reconstruction, by the use of sensible gloves. The problem was solved by coregistering the MRI hand acquisitions, taking into account only some selected bones, because the hand in the various acquisitions was in different configuration. Then the movement with respect to the bones of some vaseline references was measured. The program recognizes bones, references and other structure by dimension, shape and signal intensity. Further studies are needed to optimize the acquisition, the segmentation and the measures and to extend the sliding estimation to all the phalanxes.

Actors ▼
Marco Comerci, marco.comerciibb.cnr.it

Keywords ▼
Hand, skin, bone, coregistration, segmentation, virtual reality,

Research Areas ▼
Quantitative Imaging

Figures ▼

Segmented bones and references.

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