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NameBruno Alfano
AreaResearch and Development
PositionResearch Director
Work siteNaples - De Amicis
AddressVia De Amicis 95, 80145 Naples - Italy
Office phone+39 081 2203490
Mobile phone+39 366.611.53.30
Skype IDbrunoibb
Web pagehttp://bruno.ibb.cnr.it
Research Areas ▼
Quantitative Imaging

Activities ▼
Relaxometry based MRI brain segmentation
Relaxometry based MRI limb segmentation
Software development of digital MRI brain phantom
Novel Partial Volume Effect Correction algorithm development
General purpose GPU software development

Curriculum ▼
Born in Napoli on 23rd April 1951. Married in Positano on 12th October 1975.
October 1975: Degree in Physics cum laude.
June 1976: Postgraduate degree in Radiation Protection and Radiotracer Techniques.
1976-2008: Lecturer (on radiobiology, radiotracer theory, informatics, bio-imaging) at Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Specialization Schools of University Federico II-Napoli.
1977-1989: Professor of Electronics in secondary higher school.
1980-1989: Consultant of many research projects of National Cancer Institute of Napoli, National Council of Research and Health Ministry.
June 1989-Sept. 1998: Researcher of National Council of Research (CNR) -Nuclear Medicine Centre-Napoli.
Sept. 1998-Nov. 2001: Senior Researcher of CNR-Nuclear Medicine Centre-Napoli.
April 1999-Jan. 2002: Director of Nuclear Medicine Centre of CNR.
Sept. 2000-June 2004: Coordinator of the EC project "Enhancement of Clinical Value of Functional Imaging through Automated Removal of Partial Volume Effect" (PVEOut), V Framework Programme, QoL 9.4.
Dec. 2001 -> Research Director of CNR - Biostructure and Bioimaging Institute
July 2008 -May 2014 Director of Biostructure and Bioimaging Institute of National Council of Research.

Bibliography ▼

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